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NV73 assembled
the NV73 mic preamp - available assembled for
£499 inc worldwide shipping.. to order, please email:

Based in the UK, the DON classics is a small boutique audio manufacturer, with experience right across the audio world.

"As a freelance engineer, I came across the age old problem of 'what portable gear to invest in whilst going from studio to studio'. As I wanted to transport as much gear as possible without the need for a removals van, I settled on the 500 series.

First on my list of requirements was finding a mic spre that was an authentic reproduction of a vintage 1970s Neve 1073(1290) which is my favourite pre for most sources. And so I set out a list of requirements for such a product:

Authentic circuit, authentic parts incl:

3 full gain stages like the original
Polystyrene caps like the original
Tantalum caps like the original
BC electrolytics (the blue caps) like the original

To my surprise, I was not able to find a product that satisfied this criteria, and as such decided the only thing for me to do would be to build it myself.
After several hard months, the product was complete and I began using the pres as I freelanced around recording studios in London.

Immediately they picked up a lot of attention from fellow engineers/producers
and the cries of 'build me some' came more and more, until eventually I caved
and as such, the DON classics was formed!

Over this year and beyond, I hope to further continue my quest for the 'best'
recording chain with further products for the 500 series format."

the DON classics is driven by the need to deliver high end products and have an
unhealthy obsession with trying to find 'the best!'
This has lead to designing and manufacturing authentic recreations of the most
renowned vintage units of the audio world.

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